Aegean Airlines, Aegean Sea



Would I fly with them again?

The airline service is decent, but constant delays are a bit silly.


Aegean Airlines logo

Aegean Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, so I accumulated some United Airlines points on the two flights I took with them. I paid less than US$30 for my one-way flight from Istanbul to Athens, but my one-way ticket from Athens to Split was almost US$180.

Both flights had swift check-in processes: they weighed my carry-on before tagging it with their approval, and neither agent asked me for my seat preference, but I ended up with all the seats on my row’s side to myself both times.

Larger plane seat Slightly different back-of-seat design

No entertainment or power outlets were available for either flight. The overhead bin size for my backpack was good for the Istanbul to Athens flight, but the plane they used for the Athens to Split flight was pretty tiny, so I had to shove my backpack in. Both flights offered candy before takeoff, a small meal (spinach pie and turkey with edam sandwich).

Pre-takeoff caramels Microwavable spinach pie and biscotti Gummies for takeoff Turkey and edam baguette sandwich

And both flights were delayed by 40 minutes. For the Istanbul to Athens flight, Aegean changed the departure gate twice without explanation, and the staff kicked everyone out of the gate area so that they could verify everyone’s passports before boarding.

Written on August 21, 2016