Tasting on Urfersheim

I got to make some comforting dishes like pumpkin soup with my Couchsurfing hosts Johanna and Costi in their industrial kitchen. (Their house used to be a cafe, so they definitely benefit from its facilities.) I also tried a few spots in the area around Urfersheim.

The currency in Germany is the euro (€), and at the time of writing, the exchange rate was about €0.9 to US$1. All businesses are listed from most budget-friendly to least within each category.

Coffee & drinks

Café Nebenan

Johanniterstraße 1, 91438 Bad Windsheim, Germany

Johanna had been curious about Café Nebenan for a while but hadn’t gone inside yet. And that’s what we did after our trip to the thermal bath didn’t pan out.

Traditional building

I tried their chai (€2.20), which was okay, but I prefer my chai to be spicy.

Mild chai

I also got a couple of slices of zwiebelkuchen with ham (€2.50 each) to go with the federweißer from Genusswerk. Mmm, so good. I want to make this so badly.

Savory pie


Erkenbrechtallee 8, 91438 Bad Windsheim, Germany

As we were abandoning the thermal baths because of the super long line to get in, I noticed a chalkboard outside Genusswerk that advertised 1L bottles of Franconian federweißer for €3.50. This was so cheap compared to the bottle I bought in Meißen that I paused our departure and went in to get one. It was delicious and went well with the zwiebelkuchen from Café Nebenan.

A satisfying purchase

Desserts & ice cream

Bäckerei Unger

Westheim 76, 91471 Westheim, Germany

Johanna drove us to Bäckerei Unger one morning to pick up pastries for breakfast. All the labels in the display case are in German, and it wasn’t abundantly clear what was in all of them. So I started asking Johanna what each pastry was and was pleasantly surprised when the proprietress answered me in really great English. That’s the benefit of visiting a small town frequented by the members of the nearby US Army base.

Solid logo

The zimtrollen (cinnamon rolls) were airy and flaky (€1.50 each).

Different take on the cinnamon pastry

I was a big fan of the raspberry plundergebäck (danish, €1.30 each).

Good ol' danish

Johanna also grabbed an Oreo donut just for fun. #soamerican

Oreo donut

Grocery stores & farmer’s markets


Oberntiefer Str. 7B, 91438 Bad Windsheim, Germany

I never actually stepped into one, but from what I heard, Edeka sounds like a German Whole Foods. They sell local goods, such as this apple juice pressed from local fruits and without added sugar. I couldn’t stop drinking this.

Pure apple juice

Costi also shared some locally brewed pilsner with me. It tasted refreshing!

Very local brew

Fränkisches Freilandmuseum

Eisweiherweg 1, 91438 Bad Windsheim, Germany

Not only did I explore the architecture at the Freilandmuseum, but I also brought different varieties of apples home from the many trees on the property.

Some good, some not Some good, some not

Johanna’s mom Petra also bought two kinds of cured sausages and some delicious bread so that we could enjoy brotzeit (“bread time”) that evening. I love brotzeit!

Such good sausage Wide slices

Written on October 21, 2016