A day in Malyn

Andrey and I called a taxi to take us back to Malyn from V’yunyshche in the morning, and I said goodbye and thank you to Tanya and Sveta. As Andrey had predicted after a night of lots of samohon, we were lazy and took it easy. The river is only 100m from his house, so we got a brief walk in before the afternoon set in.

He had an appointment with a tattoo artist at noon, so she arrived at his house to ink his left arm.

Paint it black

I hung out in my room and took a nap while they worked on his arm for about four hours.

My room

Andrey’s brother came over briefly, so I got to meet him. I also tried my hand at drawing water from a well for the first time from Andrey’s backyard.

Next to the pear trees

After his tattoo was finished, we took a longer walk to the lake, which was a dammed up part of the same river we visited in the morning. Many locals were there picnicking and swimming since it was a hot day.

Clouds and grass with water Soviet-era car

In the evening, we watched a Soviet-era comedy called “Beware of the Car”. I enjoyed it very much, and I want to watch some more films made in this time period, including the propaganda films just for fun.

It was a chill day in a small town, and Andrey was an amazing host. I am so thankful for his hospitality and conversation!

Sunny day by the lake

Written on July 31, 2016