At last, AtlasGlobal



Would I fly with them again?

Yeah, the experience was not too bad!


AtlasGlobal logo

AtlasGlobal (formerly known as AtlasJet) is a Turkish airline based in Istanbul that started in 2001. My one-way trip from Lviv to Istanbul cost just over US$80.

The whole process from airport arrival, check-in, security, passport check, and customs took less than fifteen minutes at the Lviv airport. They allow carry-ons to weigh up to 8kg, and they did weigh it before tagging it with their approval. They didn’t ask me for a seat preference at check-in, but they assigned me the aisle seat in one of the emergency exit rows, which meant I had a huge amount of leg-room, especially since we weren’t allowed to stash any bags under the seat in front of us. At least the overhead bin size was big enough to avoid any struggle with other passengers.

Approved for carry-on Turkish writing

Boarding didn’t start until ten minutes prior to our scheduled departure, but they didn’t make any announcements about the delay. There wasn’t any entertainment or power outlets, but I was okay with that for such a short flight. Pleasantly surprising was that they served a complimentary snack, and we landed on time despite the initial 30-minute delay in departure.

Snacky snack

I found it amusing that there was a slip of paper that came with our snack indicating that no pork was used. That made me wonder what the “ham” I ate was made of.

Warning: mystery meat ahead

Written on August 10, 2016