Bus ride to Vilnius

The Riga Bus Station was not hard to get to this time, now that I’d navigated the pedestrian tunnels a couple of times before. Unlike the Tallinn Bus Station, I didn’t see a self-service kiosk from which to print out your ticket. No matter: I already had mine printed out from before I left the States.

So many Os

The WC costs the standard €0.30 with an actual person guarding the toilets. This station offers showers upstairs, too, but I didn’t go find them to see how much they cost. There’s also a baggage check counter, and they charge based on luggage weight. It kinda works like parking your car: you pay a certain amount for the first hour and a reduced rate for every additional hour on top of it. Luggage under 10kg costs €1 for the first hour of storage and €0.30 for each additional hour.

You can stash your luggage here.

The bus arrived about 10-15 minutes before its scheduled departure, and the guy checking people in handed me a 50% my next in-person ticket purchase coupon. Alas, I’ll not be traveling around the Baltics by bus after this ride.

Where the platforms are

I sat in the front row by myself, which let me spread out. I don’t think the bus was even half full. Neither of the two entertainment systems cooperated with me on the way, so I entertained myself with my phone. The four-hour ride went all right, but the driver was a bit of a maniac about passing cars. At least we arrived safely!

Lux Express logo

Written on July 27, 2016