Good morning, Riga

Before heading out to Sigulda for a day trip, I wandered around Riga to check out the architecture while the sun was still rubbing sleep from its eyes.

The city canal is beautiful and deserves a dedicated walk along its border.

Opera house reflected Dancing above and below

This random statue is of George Armitstead (who was the fourth mayor of Riga from 1901 till 1912) and his wife Cecile Pychlau. The statue itself was unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II in 2006 during her first visit to Latvia. The sweet looking couple had just braved some recent rain. They stand near the National Opera House gardens, which are gorgeous in the morning light.

That's not sweat. More manicured gardens in front of the Opera House

It turns out the Laima Clock is located near a Laima store location: it’s just across the street from the clock.

Tick tock Get some sweets here

The Freedom Monument silhouetted against the rising sun was an outstanding sight. Three other visitors thought so, too, so they rolled around on the ground in front of it.

Celebrate freedom

I climbed up on Bastion Hill and enjoyed the view of more pretty gardening. If you’re a gardener in the Baltic States, I think you will have job security.

Garden view from Bastion Hill

And finally, I’m not sure what this building is, but the shields on the side looked fun. Perhaps it lists various coats of arms of major families of Latvia!

A house of shields

Written on July 26, 2016