iOS 10 godsend

I just have to say that a benefit that probably wasn’t advertised about iOS 10 is that photos now follow the original camera file system when uploaded, rather than all being called “image.jpeg”. And why does this matter?

A hidden benefit

Well, now I no longer have to individually save each photo I run through TinyJPG when handling blog images! (I was finding it hard to keep track of which optimized photos I’d already downloaded when I uploaded a large number of them, so I was uploading and downloading in six-photo batches. :sob:)

Instead, I can upload all the photos I want to optimize, wait for [TinyJPG][tinyjpg] to do its thing, and hit the “download all” button. This creates a zip file that I can open in iZip and extract all photos into my camera roll. Hallelujah! :raised_hands:

Written on September 17, 2016