Life in Trivlaka Bay

The Saccopouloses really know how to enjoy life and relax. I think Trivlaka Bay itself also helps. The seawater is pure, and although they do not technically own this little pebble beach, you have to get through their gate to access it.

A view of Trivlaka Bay as we were approaching Mikros Horio

A typical breakfast at the Saccopoulos house involves cheese, honey, butter, Kathy’s homemade grape jam, dry cinnamon donuts, biscotti, and bread.

Light brekky

Chris usually swims first thing after waking up, but Kathy and I opted to do so after breakfast.

Good morning, sea

My first lunch with Kathy and Chris involved boiled vlita, bread, and beef in tomato sauce. Yummy!

Delicious first lunch

After lunch, it’s time for a siesta since the heat gets pretty intense starting around 15:00. Around 18:00, it might be safe to re-emerge and take another swim.

Still beautiful

Join Chris for a martini or Kathy for a gin and tonic if you’d like. The green you see at the bottom of the drink is a piece of polished glass that I found during my afternoon swim. Chris and Kathy manufacture these by smashing up colored glass bottles and dropping the pieces far away from their beach so that the sea has time to beat them into smooth fragments before they wash up. It’s just one of the many ways they bring joy into the world.


Dinner is usually a light, cold meal, which I preferred. No need to weigh yourself down before bed! For my first night, we enjoyed more bread, a tomato and cucumber salad, olives, and cheese.

Light dinner

White wine is commonly consumed with lunch and dinner.

Hang onto your glass!

Kathy made more tomato and cucumber salad, boiled potatoes, and roasted hens for lunch on my second day. It’s okay to use your fingers!

Second lunch

Watching the sunset is a fun part of dinner. Their previous guests made meatballs, which we enjoyed with octopus that their friends caught.

As the sun ducks beneath the clouds Fresh octopus is awesome!

Chris pointed out a shark trying to eat a star before we completely lost sunlight.

The only shark I saw

On my last evening, Chris shared some Metaxa, a Greek liqueur that tastes super strong and is a blend of brandy, wine, and various flavorings.

Drink up!

Even though I only got to hang out with them at Mikros Horio, I very much appreciate Kathy and Chris’s hospitality and generosity! I can only hope to grow up and be like them someday.

The delightful couple

Written on August 19, 2016