Sights of Olomouc

As you might expect from its founding in the 13th century and acting as the first capital of Moravia, Olomouc has many old buildings.

Church of St. Maurice

8. května, Olomouc, Czech Republic

This church (known as “Kostel Svatého Mořice” in Czech) is located really close to my Couchsurfing host Jan’s flat. In fact, you can see his balcony from the tower. On the way up the stairs, you’ll pass its large bells.

Big bell

You can also see a really great view of the city from up there.

View of the Upper Square

Admission and hours

For the tower, adults pay 20 Kč, and reduced admission is 10 Kč. The collection box is right inside the entrance, so toss your coins inside and make your way up.

The tower is open daily from May to September, 09:00-18:00. In the other months, it’s open Monday through Saturday, 09:00-16:30 and Sundays, 12:00-16:30.

Getting there and back

It’s right in the center of the city, so you can walk there easily.

Holy Trinity Column

Horní nám., 771 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic

The Holy Trinity Column dominates the northwest corner of the Upper Square. I didn’t actually go inside to see the little chapel, but I saw other people doing it. It’s the biggest Baroque sculptural group in the country, so have a look!

In the middle of the square

Admission and hours

No admission is charged to enter the small chapel, but I’m not sure what the hours are.

Getting there and back

The Upper Square is smack dab in the center.

Olomouc Astronomical Clock

Radnice, Horní nám. 583, 779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic

Olomoucký Orloj is only one of two astronomical clocks in the country. Traditionally, astronomical clocks are decorated with the apostles, and this one originally was no exception. When it was later remodeled during the early years of Communism, the apostles were replaced with socialist figures and themes.

Socialist clock

Admission and hours

It’s free to admire the clock on the outside of city hall, but most people gather before noon to see the clock play its daily extended tune.

Getting there and back

It’s another attraction in the Upper Square, so you can’t miss it if you’re in city center!

Written on September 14, 2016