Twice on Ukraine International



Would I fly with them again?

Yeah, for short trips.


UIA logo

Ukraine International Airlines is the largest airline in Ukraine and was one of the country’s first joint ventures with foreign capital. I paid $60 for my one-way flight from Vilnius, Lithuania, to Kiev, Ukraine. My one-way flight from Kiev to Lviv was only $35.

The check-in process both at Kiev and Lviv was swift, but only at Kiev did the staff ask me whether I wanted an aisle or window seat. They were one of the top three stingiest airlines in carry-on baggage policy (7kg), but they only weighed my backpack in Lviv.

Passed their low weight limit

On neither flight was there any form of entertainment, power adapters, or food. The overhead bin size for my backpack was fine. The Ukrainian passengers had no regard for the warning immediately after landing that everyone should remain seated with their seatbelts fastened until the captain has turned off the seatbelt indicator. I guess they really hate seatbelts in Ukraine.

The flight to Kiev was pretty punctual, but there was a 30-minute delay before I arrived in Lviv. Good thing I have patient friends!

Written on August 3, 2016