Adria is a-okay



Would I fly with them again?

Yeah, for a flight under five hours.


Adria Airways logo

Adria Airways is the largest airline in Slovenia. It’s a member of the Star Alliance, so I used my United loyalty program to accumulate points for my flight. My one-way ticket cost US$140 from Paris to Tallinn.

The check-in counter line went quickly, and they didn’t actually weigh my carry-on luggage despite their 8kg limit. For the boarding process, we had to get on an airport bus to get to the small, regional plane we’d be taking for our flight.

Ready to go

I could still fit my 25L backpack in the overhead bin of the small plane. But neither entertainment nor power adapters were available. But for a less-than-three-hour flight, it was fine with me!

Written on July 21, 2016