Tallinn arrival

I can’t lie: I was a bit nervous on the way to my first unfamiliar destination. I didn’t know a lick of Estonian, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Tallinn looked beautiful even as we landed in the regional jet from Paris.

It's so cute!

I had read about taking bus 2 into town from the airport, but even with Google Maps confirming those instructions, I still wasn’t 100% certain I was waiting for it in the right spot. But I stuck it out, and the bus did arrive within about ten minutes.

The bus stop is not a lie. Can't read It's a map! Yay, it's here!

After getting on the bus, I saw a sticker with ticket information, which would have been helpful to look at while at the bus stop. But I knew to give the bus driver €2 for my ticket.

Ticket information would've been useful at the stop.

An elderly man got on the bus where the farmer’s market is with two buckets full of freshly picked blueberries. He sat next to me, so I got to admire them and wonder what he was going to do with all of them.

I got off the bus at Reisiterminal D, but I had somehow made a note of the wrong address for my Airbnb, so I doubt that was the right stop. I wandered to the fictional address and only found a gas station around it, so I confirmed with my host over the app what the address was. Good thing the actual address was only a four-minute walk away from where I was! She and her young daughter were there to greet me before they left to join her husband on a family trip outside of town. I noticed a weird piece of artwork as I was settling in: why would this overly-developed girl hold a canary like that?

My bed is hidden in the couch. Weird-looking painting

I went straight to the grocery store (Rimi Supermarket) to pick up some local microbrews: Põhjala Must Kuld, a porter, and Põhjala Öö, a Baltic porter. I’m in for some fun times!

Go to the grocery store Beer and beer Not too bad

Written on July 21, 2016