Packing list, revisited after three months

Now that I’ve been on the go for three months, which items that I brought with me have stood the test of time? What do I wish I didn’t bring? It’s reflection time!

Bring it!

Image Name Thoughts
Bucky eye mask Bucky eye mask Even though it looks like a bra for your eyes, it has allowed me to sleep in after the sun comes up or while hostel roommates have the light on. Combined with White Noise, I can sleep through anything.
Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby Toiletry Organizer Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby Toiletry Organizer Just right for all the toiletries I need, and the ability to hang it anywhere is a definite plus. The detachable clear bag has worked great when I need to get through security with my liquids separately.
ExOfficio Give-N-Go undies ExOfficio Give-N-Go undies These undies dry pretty quickly compared to regular cotton ones, which is helpful when you have to be on the move and don’t want moldy undies from stashing them in your bag before they’re dry.
Master Lock TSA-compliant luggage lock Master Lock TSA-compliant luggage lock Great for securing my PacSafe zippers when I leave my bag in a hostel without being able to put it in a locker or when I need peace of mind while dozing on a train with my bag in an overhead compartment.
Muji select color pen Muji select color pen With three colors and a 0.3mm tip, this pen has been great to suit whatever mood I’m in when I need to fill out another customs form. But really, when you’re traveling, please bring any kind of pen: you never know when you’ll need one.
PacSafe Citysafe CS150 anti-theft cross-body shoulder bag PacSafe Citysafe CS150 anti-theft cross-body shoulder bag Big enough to hold my water bottle and iPad, this purse has been perfect for keeping my belongings on me safe. Just remember to use the security hook to prevent zippers from being opened unexpectedly by pickpockets.
Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII Anti-Theft Backpack Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII Anti-Theft Backpack It’s gotten through many a check-in, even on the most restrictive of airlines. And its been fairly comfortable to carry around for several hours even when full.
Rayovac LED pen light Rayovac LED pen light Whether in the Sahara Desert where there’s no electricity or just walking at night down a street that isn’t well-lit, this flashlight has come in handy multiple times.
SteriPEN Ultra portable UV water purifier SteriPEN Ultra portable UV water purifier I’m pretty sure this little number has saved me from bouts of diarrhea in Morocco. Purifying the tap water to avoid getting sick from unfamiliar strains of E. coli is a smart move!

Leave it home

Image Name Thoughts
Combination lock Combination lock I haven’t found any reason to use this thing. Hostel lockers have had their own keys and locks, so this heavy item should stay at home.
Kensington universal adapter Kensington universal adapter A universal adapter is very useful, but this particular one makes a buzzing sound when it’s plugged in but not charging something. Will it explode? Time will tell.
Lewis N. Clark neck stash Lewis N. Clark neck stash I really didn’t like having this around my neck or under my shirt. It’s not slim enough to be invisible under clothing, and in the hot summer, hanging a cloth strap around your neck isn’t pleasant. I have relegated it to the inside of my purse and turned it into a wallet.
Lush shampoo bar Lush shampoo bar It sounded like a good idea to bring shampoo in the form of a bar to save on bringing another bottle of liquid, but there’s not a great solution to allow it to dry between uses, and it falls apart after a while. The tin it comes with rusts, too. I’ll be carrying travel shampoo bottles instead.
Marmot Julia short-sleeved shirt Marmot Julia short-sleeved shirt Not even two months after I started wearing it, the shirt started pilling.
Midori Traveler's passport-sized notebook Midori Traveler’s passport-sized notebook I love this notebook, but I am not used to writing in it when short on time and space. I’ve preferred to use OneNote even over Evernote because of its organizational features.
Saucony Triumph ISO sneakers Saucony Triumph ISO sneakers I wore the soles down to almost flat around the balls of my feet within less than two months of travel. I knew I needed to replace them when my back started hurting from the lack of support. Good thing I found some new walking shoes in Serbia for under €50.
Written on October 18, 2016