Patterns of Portugal

Many lovely patterns are everywhere you look in Portugal, whether you are strolling through the winding, narrow streets of Porto or crossing a large plaza in Lisbon.

Ceramic tiles are not hidden in kitchens and bathrooms: they decorate the outside of buildings all over Portugal.

How to side a building with ceramic tiles

There are as many tile designs as you can dream of. Most tend to be blue on a white background, but other color combinations are used, too. Some are even three-dimensional!

Myriad of designs Even more designs

The new MAAT building in Lisbon has a modern take on the traditional tiles. Instead of square, they’re trapezoidal, and the white tiles are not decorated with any colors. However, they do an excellent job of reflecting the light coming off the Tagus River.

Modern tiles

And finally, even Rossio Square has beautifully patterned stones paving its entirety. The waves remind me of the Portuguese Empire’s formidable days as a maritime power to be reckoned with.

Wavy Rossio Square

Written on November 11, 2016