Street art of Portugal

I can never get enough street art, no matter where I am. Some is thought-provoking, while other pieces are amusing on an otherwise dreary day. Portugal has some creative street artists exhibiting their craft. See their work as shown in Lisbon and Porto.

Picasso-esque faces The black and white faces look like they were inspired by Picasso.

No escape Even the cable cars cannot escape the grasp of graffiti.

Just say no to Airbnb Airbnb’s grubby little fingers are all over the globe, even in Portugal.

Birds and flowers A beautiful maiden with flowers in her hair and birds in her eyes

Here's looking at you, kid. I have a feeling that I’m being watched.

Odd figures Odd-looking forms that look vaguely familiar

Colorful face A face straight out of Carnaval

Monster of the depths Three-dimensional graffiti monster

Be nice Wise words

How many twins? Two by two

Make the earth happy. Recycling has never been so much fun!

Face of patterns Is there a pattern to his face, too?

Sunbather I caught him sunbathing on a shipping container near Ponte 25 de Abril.

Green llamas Nothing says love like green llamas.

Reddish landscape Other-worldly landscape

Phun phone booth Superman’s costume would probably look different every time he changed in this phone booth.

Written on November 12, 2016