Day-tripping supplies

This post covers a special request topic from Aja who wonders, “What do you take with you when you are out for the day? You seem pretty minimalistic, and it would be an interesting insight to how you actually travel.”

Whether I’m out for an hour or eight, I pretty much carry the same stuff every day. Check out this comprehensive list of what I bring with me.

In my purse

PacSafe Citysafe CS150 anti-theft cross-body shoulder bag PacSafe Citysafe CS150 anti-theft cross-body shoulder bag: This purse is excellent for traveling. Be careful not to load it with too much stuff: it can get heavy on one shoulder if you’re walking around all day.

  • ChicoBag Vita grocery bag: Great for throwing anything you buy at the grocery store or elsewhere. The original carabiner that came with it broke, so I replaced it with another one.
  • Anker Astro portable battery + 3’ USB to Lightning cable: to keep my phone powered
  • Earbuds + tangle-free case: in case I need to listen to some tunes while on the go
  • SlimFold wallet with local cash, Sapphire Preferred credit card, and Schwab high yield investor checking debit card; sometimes local transit card
  • Passport: you’ll need it when you want to buy something tax free
  • Coin purse: nice to keep your cash organized
  • Muji three-color pen: always carry a pen with you even if it only has one color
  • Handwritten contact cards: basically business cards I can hand to people I meet on the road
  • Hydroflask bottle, filled with water: keeps liquids hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours
  • Immodium: just to be safe
  • Keychain beer bottle opener: never leave home without it
  • Hand sanitizer: avoid getting sick while traveling
  • Skin lotion: stay moisturized in different climates
  • Lip balm: protect your kisser
  • Tide To Go Mini: because you never know when the next spill will happen on your limited wardrobe
  • Tissues + napkins: always handy
  • Chewing gum: to freshen up anywhere
  • Travel chopsticks: versatile utensils
  • Ear plugs: protect your eardrums
  • Rayovac pen light: to illuminate the way after night falls
  • Sun block + sunglasses: if it’s sunny
  • Hydrocortisone + mosquito repellent: if mosquitos are in the area
  • Travel umbrella: if rain is in the forecast

On my person

What I wear and what I have in my pockets keeps me comfortable and connected.

Written on December 23, 2016