Happy (Chinese) New Year!

I hope everyone has had a nice start to 2017 despite the inauguration of Emperor Trump. I am celebrating Chinese New Year for the first time in Taiwan with my extended family. We’ve paid our respects to those ancestors who came and went before us by burning incense and paper money, as well as offering all kinds of food and alcohol. Dad, Alex, and I have played two full rounds of mahjong with dear 100-year-old Grandpa already. And we’ll be eating a crazy awesome dinner tonight for Chinese New Year’s Eve. While waiting for the food madness to begin, it’s a good time to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m planning to go.

Since I began my round-the-world trip on July 18, 2016, I have accomplished the following:

  • traveled 96,488km,
  • spent 22 hours on trains and 127 hours on planes,
  • visited 20 countries,
  • used 17 currencies, and
  • made many new friends!

This year, I’ll be changing my pace. Although traveling is fun, it’s also a tiring activity, and I want to give slow travel a try. So far, I plan to check out South Korea, Alaska, and Vancouver. If the travel routes pan out, perhaps Montreal will also be in the cards.

I’m so thankful for this chance to see a good chunk of the world all in one go. My gratitude also goes out to everyone who’s made this trip possible: it’s not easy to pick up your roots and become a nomad for so long. All the moral support I’ve received and the warm couches I’ve slept on have kept me going.

My wish is for everyone to approach life with a sense of adventure. Happy trails in 2017!

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Written on January 27, 2017