Patterns of Morocco

Moroccan art and design is fascinating, including the architectural elements and tile mosaics (kellij). You can spot delightful patterns everywhere, even in the Sahara Desert.

October 23, 2016
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Tasting on Urfersheim

I got to make some comforting dishes like pumpkin soup with my Couchsurfing hosts Johanna and Costi in their industrial kitchen. (Their house used to be a cafe, so they definitely benefit from its facilities.) I also tried a few spots in the area around Urfersheim.

October 21, 2016
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Sights of Urfersheim

Urfersheim is a tiny hamlet of fewer than 200 people and is located 2km from Illesheim. However, because there’s a US Army base in the latter, the former has a super fast internet connection. Win! You do have to put up with the regular noise of helicopters, but I didn’t mind it. The area is such a charming place to see the German countryside.

October 20, 2016
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City travel profiles

An overview of travel vitals in the cities I’ve visited. Let me know if there are other vitals that can be answered in a one- or two-word pulse that you’d like to see!

October 19, 2016
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Sights of Munich

What a whirlwind Munich was! I’m very thankful that Oleksandr and his family hosted me. During my short stay, I got to celebrate my birthday at Oktoberfest and visit a few interesting spots in the capital of Germany.

October 15, 2016
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Sights of Erfurt

Being the capital of Thuringia, Erfurt has unique features, such as its surprisingly intact medieval old town and its status as an important trading town at the junction between France and Russia and between Northern Germany and Italy.

September 25, 2016
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